We create a variety of VR experiences, from Company Branding Demos to Furniture Showrooms…The potential of virtual reality is truly limitless, without boundaries for the ultimate user experience. The technology keeps advancing, and so are the companies that use VR as a branding tool.

VR can provide a way to connect consumers with products and services prior to buying and also give them a way to submerge themselves in your brand. VR experiences set a company apart, creating an impressive and forward thinking approach to viewing products.

VR Demo Features

  • Offer your audience a way to interact with your business. It takes their relationship to a much higher level than simply the passive consumption of a video or viewing a website, which is the old and boring way to go. VR is an exciting and cutting edge approach.

  • Show how advanced and connected your company is to the latest technology. If your goal is to grab someone’s attention and start a larger conversation, your VR demo will do a much better job of that.

Furniture Showroom Features

  • We create customized full-featured 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Furniture Showrooms, displaying a number of stunningly realistic 3D products, managed and rendered in real time.

  • Give shoppers a unique in-store VR furniture shopping experience with a VR Furniture Showroom, powered by Five Finger Studios.

  • Realistic 3D products are essential in today’s marketplace, and VR Furniture Showrooms put a full product line in front of prospective customers without the costs, complications and physical limitations that come with real-world inventory.

  • Generate repeat customers

  • Drastically reduce returns

This all sounds great, but what does it mean? We can create 3D models based on your products, which can be viewed in real time via a Virtual Reality headset. A customer simply puts the VR headset on, and is then immersed in a customized environment with a catalog of your products. Here they can examine , view in true scale, change colors and fabrics/materials , and combine 3D products.

VR Demos and Furniture Showrooms are primarily paired with an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, but it will also be compatible with Oculus Quest which will be available in the Spring 2019.

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